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Denise Madrigal


Denise grew up immersed in the alluring world of the beauty industry. She was also fortunate enough to grow up with three sisters, who she was able to practice her beauty skills on at a very young age.  Denise was able to braid, curl, and straighten all before the age of ten, but her passion for all things hair and make-up related truly surfaced when she joined her high-school’s theater program.


Soon after, with the support of her family, she graduated from cosmetology school and got her license at nineteen years old. Now, Madrigal has found her niche in the hair world as a make-up and hair-styling expert for special occasions. Her work ranges from weddings to photoshoots to the red-carpet, working with celebrities like Hilary Duff and Leah Michele. She is extremely passionate about making people feel confident and beautiful inside and out.  She attributes her hard-work ethic and readiness to always give one hundred and ten percent to her parents who have set the perfect example of what hard work looks like. 

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